Day 8 Part 6 - The Safari Ends and We Stumble into Fun :D

We rounded the corner and what did we see? Ropes barring our way back.  We looked down
the lane and saw the parade just coming into view. And the roped off area in front of the safari
was still open!!!! The Disney mojo had definitely swung in our favor after our Epcot weirdness :-]

King Louie says a personal hello to Nana :D

And then gives hello hugs to the girls

Very cool costuming

Some lucky guests and Rafiki

more random cool parade stuff

Then comes our buddies Chip and Dale

Nana gets a very special hello. I tell you, she was the Belle of this parade and got lots of hellos
and hugs n such :-]

Of course the girls got their turn too

Minnie comes rolling by

Behind Minnie were some more of those rolling puppets. I had seen them on a Travel Channel
special and had been looking forward to seeing them in person. They were unique and amazing things

One, two, cha-cha-cha!

A country bear says "hi" to both moms

But I was swinging my camera back and forth and missed the girls hugs with him

On came Goofy

Followed by more cool rolling puppets and floats

The girls were captivated

...but I got Bean's attention just long enough for this shot

Timon was quick, but Bean was quicker and latched on to him in a BIG HUG!

And here comes Donald and his boat :D

Pluto was quite the dancer

he was gettin' down and funky!

And the parade comes to and end as Mickey rolls by says goodbye. It was a great parade with
lots of special little moments. I was so very happy it worked out to see it :-]

Everyone was slowly making their way towards the exit. I shot a few random pics along the way.

We made it back to the Tree of Life and a Photopass photographer was nice enough to take this
shot of all of us with my camera.

Next up, do you hear our tummies rumbling?