Day 8 Part 7 - Inside the Rainforest

We made out way back to the front of the park and turned in the girl's double stroller. But we
didn't make for the exit, instead we went across to the special exit that leads into the Rainforest
Cafe - it was time for some ADRs! Here's a few shots from the private grotto before you go into
the gift shop area of the cafe

Maria got a much better shot of Kyra :D

We then moved inside and I snapped some random shots of the fishies and other interesting
creatures in the shop

Maria liked the froggie too and snapped this shot :D

Back to my shots ;-]

I walked up to the counter and checked in. They called us in within 5 minutes, I was very impressed.
I did the rounds and took some shots inside

We were seated adjacent to the bar, which had a very cool fish tank theme

The food was wonderful and plentiful and the drinks were flavorful and well-mixed. After I had
some food in me the girls and I strolled around and took a few more shots

The fish were just amazing

Everybody finished eating and my mom, pop, and sister headed back to the resort.  Maria had an
early flight the next morning. Roxy and Nana hit the gift shop while the girls and I took the
opportunity to make one more round of the place

We then joined them in the gift shop and I had a conversation with a tree

...and then yes, took a couple more fish shots - lolol

The girls and I got bored and left DW and MiL to finish their purchases while we went outside. The place was COMPLETELY deserted - nobody at all out there. There were still a few guests in the restaurant but nobody outdoors. I grabbed a shot of the girls with a froggy friend.

And then turned my lens to a cool water feature

Just a few more random shots outside the cafe

Good Night AK - you gave us a Wonderful Day!

And out we went to a nearly empty parking lot. It was a very peaceful end to a great day.

We drove back to the resort and did the standard showers and such. Then we sat down with the
girls was decision time on our "extra" Disney day. I had planned it so we would start and end
our trip at the Magic Kingdom, and would hit the other parks in between. Our day at AK 'finished
the rounds' you might say. We had told the girls they could choose what park (minus MK) they
wanted to go back to for a second day.

No big surprise they each wanted to go to a different park. My parents and Nana were both going
to sit this one out so it was just a parents/daughters day. Gillian wanted to go with me and Kyra
wanted a day with Roxy. So it looks like we were splitting up.

Tune in next time to see which park each girl chose. Any guesses?