Day 9 Part 1 - Time to Split Up and off to Epcot!

Hey There Everyone!  As you may remember from the last installment, Roxy and I sat
down with the girls and let them decide where to go on our “extra” Disney World day.
The envelope please!

Bean wanted to go back to MGM and Pumpkin Girl wanted to go back to Epcot and
hit the World Showcase (which we completely missed the first day due to bad planning
and sickies). Bean wanted me to go with her …she’s like that if we’re doing something
different or daunting. Makes my dad mojo shoot up a notch when she says only daddy
will do …Hehehe. Kyra was fine with going with Roxy, so it was settled.

We all piled in the van and I offered to Roxy that she keep the rig in case they finished
their day first. So I drove us all to MGM and Bean and I gathered our stuff and gave
big hugs n kisses to Roxy and sis and waved goodbye to them as they went off in
search of Epcot and their adventure.

I’m going to start off with Kyra and Roxy's day at Epcot because it is always “ladies first”
 …one learns this lesson pretty quickly when surrounded by them – lol

Roxy and Kyra finished dropping me and Bean off and made tracks to Epcot, found good
parking, and hit the turnstiles just as the park opened. They got inside and Kyra already
had a list of things to hit/places to go. Their first stop was “Honey I Shrunk the Audience”,
which they enjoyed.

Somewhere around that time Kyra realized that she had left her camera on the table back
at the resort It was the only day that I wasn’t there to take pictures and she was really
looking forward to being “in charge” of getting pics as they walked around. Needless to
say she was pretty bummed about it. Roxy bought a couple of disposable cameras from
one of the shop and they started snapping pics here and there. Unfortunately most of
them did not turn out but a couple are scattered here and there amongst the photopass
pics :-]

Somewhere in the early hours they hit the character stop and Kyra met up with some
familiar friends

Their next stop was Journey into Imagination with Figment. Kyra really liked Figment
and ended up with a Figment snow globe by the end of the trip :D From there it was off
to ImageWorks where they did some really fun interactive stuff in there.

Then they hit Soarin’ and took the extra time to do the trivia test and got cool certificates
from it. Roxy was nice enough to say DD8’s name when they asked so she got one too
Innoventions East was their next destination for more interactive fun.

By the time they finished with that they were pretty hungry and stopped off at the Electric
Umbrella for lunch. Standard counter service fare, but it did a good job to give their legs
as rest and refuel them for their next stop which was Spaceship Earth. They thought it was
pretty cool …I forgot to ask Roxy if she noticed any of the changes from when she was
there in the 80s.

Innoventions West was next and I believe that is where Kyra made me a cool little gray/green
robot that has a proud place amongst my toys in my office at work.

Now it was time to make the big transition and hit World Showcase! Kyra had a grand plan
for catching as many characters as she could that afternoon. They started in Canada and
buzzed through it pretty quickly. Next stop was UK where they caught up with the White

And the Queen of Hearts

And Snow White

Rolling on into France they ran into Princess Aurora

Followed by Belle and the Beast

No rest for the character-seeking the zoomed into Morocco and found the Jenie (just
missed Princess Jasmine)

After some more walking the encountered the whole Aladdin crowd (I’m assuming still in Morocco)

They looked around a bit and then moved on to Japan. Here’s where they hit a bit of a
cultural oops and started looking for Mulan there. No Mulan to be found of course so
they left Japan and skipped the American Adventure (since they were character hunting
and already had the “classics”). They glanced at Italy and made it to Germany, where
they stopped to shop.

Kyra’s favorite thing to collect is bells and they had a wonderful crystal bell in one of
the shops. Unfortunately the one she picked out was cracked. They told her they could
find another one and that they did engraving, so she asked for her name and the year
(2008) to be engraved on one. It turned out that one of the CMs had to leave the store
to go to some other store room to find one and then get it engraved. It was going to
take about 30 minutes for the whole thing so they decided to…

…you guessed it, go back to Japan to look for Mulan again. It is a sad truth that I’m
the geography person in the family and wasn’t there to save them the extra legwork.
At least this time they were told that she was in China. Time for a quick rest stop for
Funnel Cakes at American Adventure – yum yum!

They stopped back into the shop in Germany and the bell was ready – yay! From
there it was of course on to China …only to find out they had just missed Mulan
So they headed over to Mexico and rode the 3 Caballeros and got a sig and Pics
with Donald.

On to Norway and Maelstrom. They were going to see the show but missed it due to a bathroom
break. With that they decided they had gotten their fill of world travel and returned to Future World.
The line was short for Test Track, so zoom zoom!

From there they did some shopping, largely in Art of Mickey and picked up a framed Mickey &
Minnie for Roxy’s best friend and a couple of posters (which we now have proudly framed at home).
They had a very full day and decided to call it a day. They strolled out the gates and Roxy gave me
a call to tell me they were on their way to pick us up.

Next up my Bean AKA “the whipmaster” tests my endurance for thrill rides and my ability to criss-
cross the park as we have our MGM Day!