Day 9 Part 2 – Again Dad, Again!

So we waved good-bye to Roxy and Kyra and headed for the turnstiles. It was a pretty nice day
with a decent amount of sunshine and a high expected to be in the low 70s. We had a great spot in
line …maybe 5 people back in our queue. The CMs were milling around and talking to each other
as they got ready to open. Right before they were going to start letting people in Bean had to have
a potty break. Good old bladderus interruptus.

So we went off to the left of the entrance to the bathrooms just past customer relations. While she
was in there I finally remembered to pick up “1st Timer” buttons. Yeah, 9 days into the trip and I
remember the buttons :P  I was able to get one for me and Bean, plus and extra for Kyra. They
were the last 3 the CM working the window had – Whoohoo!

She came out and I gave her the button and we were on our way in. We made a quick stop at the
stroller rental and picked up her “ride”. By this time the good people at InTheCan Pictures were
doing their thing

I asked Bean if she wanted to watch the show and she answered quick as a shot that she
wanted to get down to Rock-n-Roller Coaster (RnRC) and Tower of Terror (ToT) while
everyone else was watching this. Oh yes, she was coming to the ways of working the
Disney system just fine – Hehehe.

We ran into another lively character at the end of the road

She was quite talkative but we had other things in mind:

We had gotten to ride RnRC once on our first MGM day and ToT 3 times. Bean wanted to at
least match her 5 times of riding ToT in Disneyland when she was five. So I snapped a quick pic
of her in front of the guitar

Then we grabbed FPs and headed down the standby lane, which had a 10 minute wait posted.
Before we went in the door I grabbed a shot of ToT

And on we went inside. The line actually didn’t form until right about here

So we were quickly in to see the guys

We get the invite and head “around back” to wait for our limo. The club across the way was rockin’

We rode the in the second car that time and it was fun, but a bit crowded with my long legs and
camera backpack. Soooo away we went back around – FIVE MORE TIMES before getting to
a point where the line was getting longer …meaning it was just starting to go out the door – lol.
We waited through that last line for our 5th line and low and behold it was FP time! Yup, you
got it – SIX times in a row!!!

After the first time we decided we would wait to ride in the first car – more leg room for me and
a much better view for Bean :D The CM running the ‘first car’ queue got to know us very well.
He was very fun and talked to us while we waited. After the first couple of times we wouldn’t
even have to ask, he’d just immediately wave us into the waiting area when we came up.

We were actually kind of bummed that he wasn’t there for ride number six. It was fun talking to
the other people – especially since we were next to first time riders almost every time and Bean
got to boast about her riding prowess. Anyways, here’s a shot of us “flooring it” down the entrance
tunnel. I was driving of course ;-]

With all that under our belts do you think she would give ole dad a break? No way Jose! We were
off to ride ToT!

We grabbed Fastpasses and strolled up the standby line, which was at 15 minutes. I was interested
in seeing what I could capture this time around so I went into geeky camera guy mode. The first
time in I didn’t take any shots of the gardens or lobby, instead tweaking settings for low light inside
the ride. I caught these on the first go of it:

Poor lost souls

“Time” to go for a ride

The funky bands of light opening up

Swirly weirdness

And yes, you got it – Bean going full tilt and me on another thrill ride playing with my camera

The next time around I get some obligatory lobby shots

I even ran over and got a quick pic of the directory

And then it was back into the ride!

And then I test my manual dexterity to switch to auto/high-speed settings and catch a beauty shot
out the open doors at the top!

I snapped a pic of the screen on the way through and this time I’m not fiddling …I’m POISED
FOR ACTION! to catch that view out the window - hehe. Also notice the dad on the far left
giving the camera a "hey, do I know you" (or telling his kid "there's the camera") :D

I then put the camera away and we went through on standby one more time. When we came off it
was still short of our FP time. I looked at my watch and saw it was getting close to time for the
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and convinced Bean that it was time to move on from the thrill

We knew we wouldn’t make it back in time, but honestly couldn’t find anyone to take our FP
tickets because standby was still only 10-15 minutes! I ended up just putting them on the ToT
FP machines so the next lucky couple could find a happy discovery.  So now, off to Indiana