Day 9 Part 3 – Switching from Thrill Rides to Thrills AKA Raiders of the Lost What?

I had given us a good buffer of time to get there and get seated so we ended up front row towards
the left in the theater. They did the pre-show stuff and Bean was bummed that the volunteers had to
be grown-ups :-[ I took a couple of shots while we waited

After some pre-show skits were done the show began and in came our valiant hero!

Much jumping and dodging ensued

He made it off the floor but his perilous journey was not over!

Hey, who opened up the Pit of Despair???

The treasure is in his grasp…


The rock says "Look, I’m squishing your head" :D

Farewell steadfast hero

Hey! Wait a minute! What kind of show are we runnin’ here?

Bye bye temple…

During this interlude it was my pleasure to teach my young one about all that was Indiana Jones.
Up to now she had been very apathetic about watching the movies. I had tried to get her to do so
at home before our trip but after the bad experience on the Indian Jones ride at Disneyland she
wanted nothing to do with it. But now she suddenly had a keen interest for it – lol

As an aside, she has now watched all three movies and is waiting for number four to come out!

…hello marketplace

When we left off a truck was getting in the way but it moved on :D

I AM the Lord of the Dance!

…oh yeah, we’re supposed to be chasing the good guy

Is it just me or it there something just plain wrong with what the bad guys have going on here?

Hot potato!

Fear the whip

He can fly, he can fly, he can fly!

Exit Stage Right!

Tarzan and Jane eat your heart out :D

No really, I just want to talk to you about your long distance service!

Time to take the plunge!

Bring on the extras!

Hey, where’s Marian?

…ohhh, here she comes :D


DHS’s Fire Dept.

Bring on the rube!

Hey, did he steal that off the Backlot Tour???

Here it comes….

The Grand Finale…

Can you feel the buildup???

Ye ole calm before the storm?

More milling about

Oh yeah, we have to leave if the good guys are going to come out and try to escape :D

…here they come!!!


That was it. End of show. They apparently had some technical difficulties that did not allow them
to do the finale safely :-[

We shuffled out with the disheartened masses and I stopped ot get a pic of a rusting truck

…and another one with Bean in front of the tank.

Tune in next page to see Bean go To Infinity and Beyond!