Day 9 Part 4 - Toy Story Lunch, Toy Story Characters, and On To The Backlot!

By then time we finished with Indiana Jones we were getting pretty hungry so I asked Bean what she
wanted to eat. She said pizza so off we went to Toy Story Pizza Planet. We got a couple of slices
and salads and headed upstairs away from most of the noise. It was actually a very nice meal by a
window where we ate and talked about all of the adventures we had already had and what we
wanted to do next.

I looked at the schedule and saw that Buzz and Woody were at Al’s Toy Barn, so we finished up
and headed that way.

Here is bean getting ready with her autograph book

Buzz said “Hi Space Ranger!”

Hello to both of them



More Hugs!

And Strike a Pose :D

We moved on with the Backlot Tour as our destination. We stopped at the umbrella and
waited and waited and waited and finally gave up waiting for the “rain” and snapped a shot.

Of course as soon as we started walking off the rain started up :P Oh well – on to the Backlot Tour!

Some movie props and models in the entrance area - first some stuff from the Pirates of the
Caribbean movies

Then a model from Pearl Harbor

On to the special effects show. It was too cold to have the audience member go get drenched in
the “room” (made up like the inside of a ship's bridge), so they just did some bullets and pyro stuff.

Into the prop warehouse. We were a smaller group so there wasn’t much time to stop and really
look at the stuff they had in there.

A bit of Narnia

I think this is stuff from the Flintstones movie

Ye ole shrink ray

And before you knew it we were on the tour vehicle. As we were pulling out I could see that we
were in for a special treat! The Lights Motor Action Stunt Show was going on – Whoohoo!
Here is the “good guy” car next to one of the “bad guy” cars just as they are speeding back into
the stunt arena.

The bone cages from Pirates II

The LMA practice track

And a couple of shots of the prop P-47 from Pearl Harbor

The day had been warmer earlier, but had turned cloudy and a bit cooler by this point, as attested
by the gloomy horizon behind the water tower

We rolled inside and I managed to catch a couple of decent shots of the costume area

Graphic arts

And set design

Next up we head back "outside" and find some thrills and chills :D