Day 9 Part 5 – Backlot Tour Runs Hot then Gets Wet!

We came out of the warehouse area and I caught a quick shot of the two "water towers".  Funny
thing is that the topiary water tower actually has more water in it since the big one is just a prop - lol

And then it was on to the models. These things are very cool and I would have loved to have been
able to jump out and walk around these things. The first one was from the Jodie Foster movie

From Flightplan to Con Air

Cycle from Indiana Jones III

Walt’s ride

And on into the canyon

All seems quiet

Uh oh…

BIG Uh Oh!!!

That’s a LOT of water!


The water started to pool on our seat and I after brushing it back with my hand a few times I
managed to get away with only minor soakage of my pants – lol. But I protected Bean from it and
my camera stayed dry so all was well ;-]

As we came out we saw the Herbie halves sitting behind the stands

And saw the cars racing out from one of their scenes.

The good guy exited – stage left, but the bad guy is heading right for us :D

He zooms by, but just as he goes behind us one of his partners in crime comes screeching to a
halt right in front of us

As we go by he gives us a wave :-]

Don’t know what pod things are but the crypt is from the Haunted Mansion movie.

Stuff from “Mighty Joe Young”

Flight of the Navigator

Star Wars stuff

A couple of cool props from “The Life Aquatic” – great movie :D

A beat up Herbie

Hotblack Desiato’s shop from "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” movie

A couple more crypts – also from Haunted Mansion

And a quick shot of the City Skyline as we pull back in to the station

When you come inside you walk through a display of famous villains so I took a couple of shots.

Captain Barbosa

Ye ole Storm Trooper

And a villain that needs no introduction

Tune in next time for a trip on The Great Movie Ride ……and there was much rejoicing

*the peanut gallery goes “yaaaayyyy” with lackluster enthusiasm*