Day 9 Part 6 – Wanderings Lead Us to the Fabled Doors of the Great Movie Ride!

We did a little more looking around in the Villain display and then strolled out to see that the Cars
were out saying hello. Bean isn’t as much into characters and wasn’t interested in waiting in line to
get a pic with them so I just waited for a moment in between parents bringing up scared/enthusiastic
little ones to get a shot of them by themselves.

As we strolled out I had Bean stop real quick to get a shot under the ton of bricks :D

We walked through the Streets of America just taking it all in but didn’t stop for any pictures. After
that we curved our way around onto Commissary Lane and around to The Great Movie Ride. I
had been hesitant to ride this one because of bad reviews on the DISboards website, but Bean really
wanted to and there was hardly any line. We went in so fast I only got a shot of the carousel horse
in the lobby.

before we were on our “boat”. In hindsight I should have held off and got us a front row as we
were second to last and it was hard for Bean to see everything.

Anyways – on with the show!

This was a tough one to catch because of the weird lighting and screen over the whole thing

The Duke

He’s still singin’

Bad guys waiting in the wings

Uh Oh – it’s a stick-up!!!

Bank job gone bad

The cowboy jumps on board and hijacks our trip

Get ‘em Sherriff!

I don’t know about you guys, but this replica of Ripley is scarier than the Alien itself ;-]

More Raiders to keep Bean’s interest in the series up

The greedy cowboy goes bye-bye and our tour guide retuns

Faces only a cryptkeeper could love

Now how did the monkey get named Cheetah?

Couldn’t catch Tarzan, but howdy Jane!

Here’s lookin’ at you kid

Mickey making magic

Ooops, did I do that?

We represent ...The Lollypop Guild

Hello my pretty

Follow, follow, follow, follow…..Everybody sing it!

The “oldies”

…and the “goodies”

There ended our float along the GMR river. Bean actually liked it and was up for going again
(she had said this about backlot too). I looked at our list of things to do and said what I had last
time – “once we’ve finished doing the other stuff you wanted to do, we’ll see :D