Day 9 Part 7 – A Mermaid Appears and We Search for More Fun and Thrills

We moved along and found that The Little Mermaid was about to start. With this show we learned
a very important lesson in where NOT to line up. We ended up sitting in the front row on the very
end. It was a horrible, horrible view, especially for Bean – even with her in my lap.

I took a few pics in there, but with no flash it was a real dice roll. It should be noted that the next
pic puts me at picture number 1,300 on our little photographic journey …and I still have over
2 days to go – lololol


Cue Ariel

And ye ole evil sorceress

And there goes her voice

Hey, when did I end up at a Pink Floyd concert???

The battle ensues

Cue Ariel again

Transformation time!

Some day my prince will come! Oh yeah, wrong film

I looked back at the schedule and it said that the Incredibles were down in or around Walt Disney:
One Man’s Dream, which is something that I wanted to check out anyways so we headed in. It was
cool to see the history of Walt and all of the memorabilia they had in there and Bean really liked
looking at the models of the different castles. The movie was cool too ….I think there were maybe
a dozen of us on the whole place so we sat front row center. Never did see the Incredibles
anywhere inside or out. Must have misread that one.

We left there and walked back down to the thrill rides – Bean was itchin’ to do one more trip on
each. I had kept track of the schedule for Beauty and the Beast and it was showing and had the
crowds distracted :D We hit Rock n Roller Coaster first, which only had a 20 minute stand-by –
look, recording equipment ooohhh-ahhhhh!

It was fun and we of course sat in the front car.

Now it was on to Tower of Terror! We were walking up to the entrance and Bean told me she
wanted to ask the Bellman a question. I said sure and she walked up to him and said “how come
you guys never smile?” He looked at her and said that they do smile but they don’t get many so
they have to save them up! He then got down on one knee and posed for a picture with her :D :D

It was a very cute moment.

I figured I had taken enough ToT pics earlier so I kept the camera in its bag and just
enjoyed the ride with my wonderful daughter. This brought her ride total up to EIGHT
TIMES on BOTH ToT and RnRC!!!!

We were hungry again by then so stopped at the Sunset Ranch Market for dinner.
I can’t even remember what we ate – lol.

We were actually running out of attractions to go to at this point. I looked and saw
that the Monster’s Inc. characters were going to appear soon and she was up for
that. Here’s a pic while we waited

Just before they opened the door Bean said she had to go to the bathroom. I asked the
couple behind us if she could hold our place, partly in words and partly in hand signals
because they didn’t speak English – lol. We got her to the bathroom and back just in
time and I thanked the couple for saving our place.

Here she is with Mike and Sully

We strolled around and walked by Star Tours but decided not to ride it

I did have Bean get on the speeder thing and did one of her just sitting

and another that I did some photoshop tweaking on that has her really riding on it with no supports :D

We walked around the corner and did Drew Carey’s Sounds Dangerous. Both Bean and I were
pretty unimpressed by that one. I would only go back in there if I went to DHS on a REALLY
hot day and wanted to go somewhere to cool off.

We strolled around a bit and I took a few shots as darkness descended on the park

There was this stupid cart in front of that hat…

…so I ended up angling my shots to try and keep it out of the frame

It was starting to get close to Fantasmic! time so we started heading that direction. I snapped a
pic of the water tower and of one of the store fronts.

The “In The Can” cast was at it again

Next up - Fantasmic!