Day 9 Part 8 – Bring on Fantasmic!

We left them behind and took the walk up to the arena for Fantasmic! We eventually worked our
way to the front row, just right of center. People started really squeezing in, but we held our own
and kept our seats. The crowd wasn’t as lively as the last time we were here, but we still did a few
decent human waves. I took a shot of the set before the show started

We had the “luck” of sitting almost right in front of one of the toy vendors and I ended up buying
her one spinny-lighty thing and Bean used some of her own money to buy another. After a while we
heard the now familiar “monologue ending with “We now invite you to join Mickey and experience
Fantasmic!, a journey beyond your wildest imagination.” :D :D :D

Cue the lights!

Here’s Mickey!

Bring on the human flower :-]

On came the black light animals

And those funky monkey things

I only took a pic of Jiminy during the bubble sequence

I claim this land!

…no you don’t

No really, I claim this land

Okay, maybe I don’t :O

Go John Smith!

Sing it Pocahontas!

And in an odd theatrical transition, cue the floating Princes and Princesses!

Playtime is over!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Give us a hug!

No hug!?! Fine – then bring on the snake!

Watch out Mickey!!!!


A close call for Mickey

Rubbing the lamp brings unexpected results

Big, fiery unexpected results

Mickey tames the beast!

…and brings on the magic

More Fantasmic! and the end of our day in the next installment :-]