Day 9 Part 9 –Fantasmic! finally ends and we wrap up our day

Mikey's sword dies out with the lights.  The mountain goes dark and then shines like a blanket of stars

Then a special surprise comes around the river bend

Hi everybody!

The character Steamboat continues its journey

I hope that's a new dance move Goofy ;-]

Bring on the FIREWORKS!!!

Here comes Wizard Mickey to conduct the show!

The show ends and we wander out with the shuffling masses …or at least I wander and Bean rides
in a double stroller that we traded up for at a CM’s suggestion (apparently lots of parents ditch
them there at the theater rather than taking them back to the front).

We strolled up towards the hat and I had Bean get out for a quick pic

One more shot of the hat

…and then around to the boat

…and Hollywood and Vine all buttoned up for the night.

Bean wanted to pull the rope one more time outside of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular so we
rolled around up there. Interestingly enough they were doing a show – it was after hours so it must
have been a special presentation or something. I tried to get a CM’s attention, but they were way
up top just behind the seats and it was too loud for them to hear me.

Since we had missed the finale I was sorely tempted to “jump the ropes” and see if we could get in
just to see the end, but I didn’t want to risk ending our special day with security escorting us out of
the park ;-] We got a call from DW and DD11 saying they were wrapping it up at Epcot, so we
walked back towards the front and did a little shopping until they called to say they were there.

We all went back to the resort with another special day of memories under our belts. And tomorrow
we had our big day at Discovery Cove to look forward to!!!